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Brand new nashbar single speed/fixed cyclocross bike - SS aint for me

Bought it last week, runs around 460 with tax and shipping. I'm hoping for 380. Has a flip flop hub, no fixed cog installed. totally stock.

message me on here or through CL. Like i say in the ad, I'm just too happy shifting to need this. Looks slick, though.

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I am sympathetic. My first single-speed was a Schwinn Madison with flip-flop hub. I tried it once fixed, rode it down to the end of the block, then home, and switched back to the freewheel. I rode it that way until it was stolen sometime later.

Fast forward a couple years. I decided I really ought to master this task. I found a beat up old Trek 520, stripped it of almost everything except its brakes and built it up with a flip flop hub, but with it set to fixed. I learned to ride fixed with flat pedals, then once I got comfortable with that, I tossed on my regular Look KeO pedals. This bike is my daily commuter. I have never once tried the freewheel side of things. I've done a metric century ride and routinely take it on weekend rides if the weather is inclement (it has full fenders). I'm 60, so if this old dog can get comfortable with riding fixed, I suspect anyone can. Note that I do nothing out of the ordinary (skidding to a stop, applying "brakes" to the rear wheel with my shoe, etc). I'm a roadie who just happens to like his fixed gear bike quite well.

That's a long way of suggesting that if you didn't give fixed gear riding much of a try, you might want to take a second stab at it before dumping your new ride at a loss.


Oh, i've definitely thought of doing that and regret not going the old road frame route... but the fact is that I can't justify buying a NEW bike for this purpose.

Ah, okay. So there's hope for you yet. :-)

I hope you give it another try, I bought my fixie a few years ago on a whim and was blown away by the feeling of connection with the bike. It's the cheapest bike I own and the one I love to ride the most. Ride Safe.


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