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Sad to think the summer will be coming to a close, but to celebrate Active Trans' 30th Anniversary, the Boulevard Lakefront Tour will be returning on August 23 to give participants another chance to get in some wonderful riding before the cold winds arrive. 

And I'm returning to recruit volunteers! Thank you so much to many of you who have helped out at Bike the Drive and showed up to Bike to Work Week. And to everyone who said hi this weekend at Tour De Fat. Not to get too heartfelt, but seeing actual community in action tends to warm my cockles. So I'm here again to ask you to help out with BLT. 

The routes (14/28/36/63) are heading along the Lake, through Washington/Douglas/Garfield Parks and in the longest case, going all the way up the North Branch to Linne Woods. We definitely need ride marshals and their mechanical skills, but are also intently seeking Course Marshals who can actually make it to their posts (bikes help with this, as it turns out!). Grab some pals and bring snacks and make a day!

If you know of any community groups or orgs interested in volunteering, they can qualify for a $150 donations with a group of 15. Additionally I'm looking for tenacious route markers the week before the event to mark the routes with paint -- if we had a small group of people (bike clubs? young folks?), we would also be happy to compensate! 

Please head to: if you are interested or email And thanks again! See ya at the volunteer party!

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