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Bored Monday poll: Who's never pedaled a bicycle while wearing headphones?

Post to this thread only if you have never, ever, not once in your life propelled a moving bicycle while wearing any sort of headphones. No discussion, just post a "never" if this is you.

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Shoot- I just read this more closely. Ignore my response and spare me from your wrath!

Me crawling under a rock now for at least a few hours.

Julie Hochstadter said:
I did once in the middle of the day from clybourn and diversey to clark and north. I know its dangerous, but it felt thrilling and dangerous, but exciting. I didn't play it loud. Sorry..... just being honest :))


But I'm adding this coda, as I never, ever blindly follow instructions.  I'm a rebel.


I'm asking this out of scientific curiosity: how many of the "never" responders have also never sent or read a text while driving a car?

I have never owned headphones of any kind.  I like to hear the world around me.

It is no longer Monday. 

Never. Ever. 


I used to till I found out that it was against the law. Also, I realized that I was cutting out valuable auditory input. I don't any more.

I have absolutely never read or sent a text while driving a car.


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