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"Are bike lanes making traffic better or worse in downtown Minneapolis?"

Cyclists in other cities are having difficulties also. (4:17)

CBS Minnesota 9-25-17 by Liz Collin, WCCO 4

Sharing a cycling issue story from Minneapolis, Minnesota about the usual motoring public whining. The op-ed woman complaining from a bus bench is a gem.

'Urban planning activist Barbara Nylen of Minneapolis believes that commuting is getting worse with each new mile of bike lane.'
"You want businesses to come downtown? You want them to expand? Make their commute pleasurable, not a nightmare," she says.

Making a commute tolerable for all modes would be the goal I would expect, not pleasurable for vehicles only. Bicycles are part of the solution, not the problem.

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I mean, this is not exactly groundbreaking rhetoric. Tons of downtowns invest a lot in figuring out the best way to have parking in their cities to make it easier to drive in and park. 

But, anec-data-lly, having spent a lot of free time in the Twin Cities, the bike infrastructure there pretty much feels a lot nicer than here. I mean, it IS Minnesota. 

"anec-data-lly" - great word. Going to start using.

Build it and they will come -- or not?

Will Amazon put HQ2 in MPLS if they just get rid of those damn bike lanes and put in more 'free' parking?  Methinks not.

It seems like their bike lane protest on Saturday fizzled out.


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