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I have a 10 lb puppy that will eventually get to about 16 lbs.

I am looking for a basket or trailer to bring him along on errands or to the park.

Most rides will be 10 miles or less, but I would like to be able to take him on longer rides.

Looking for recommendations on equipment and/or local shops.

My first concern is safety. Some of the basket options seem iffy.

Any advice on your personal experience is appreciated.


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…is very cute and adorable ;)

I have a "Snoozer Sporty Bike Basket" (Amazon link) for our 10lb Maltese. It's made to fit between the handlebars of a bike, and I used it this way for a while without any problems. Check out my profile pic to see it in action. It was really nice having our dog in front of me. The only problem was my shifter cable was bent at a bad angle between my drop handlebars. You can sort of see it in my profile pic.

I now use it on my rear rack, hanging off the side. I don't know that it was meant to be used this way (I had to slip out the underbody bar that supports the bottom and keeps the bag away from the stem), but it's been mostly trouble free on the rear rack. I just need to double check that the bottom pad is level and not slipping to one side when I put our dog in. She loves riding with me in either location! 

I've had no trouble with my 20lb dog in a milk crate tied on my back rack. I usually tie his harness to the crate loose enough to make sure he can move but not enough where he thinks he can jump out. I would recommend to take side roads when possible. I feel safer there with my dog. 

My Dorothy pulls her cockapoos around in this trailer Works pretty nice.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I thought I would try the easiest/cheapest solution first.

The crate I used isn't a true milk crate, but a milk crate shaped storage container with circular cutouts instead of square openings. This made securing the crate down a little more difficult.

I used an extra leash wrapped around the crate to allow me to adjust the length until I got it right.

The first attempt had the leash a little too long and my dog had just enough room to jump out and hang from his harness.

Good thing we were only moving at walking speed.

After adjustments and walking the bike to get him more comfortable, we were able to ride around for several miles with no issue.

My wife isn't convinced that it is safe enough, so we may wind up buying a trailer for most of his trips.

For now, this will work fine.


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