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Three weeks ago, I was on the Lakefront Trail going northbound in the northbound lane. A gaggle of pedestrians were in the southbound lane, and another cyclist tried to pass them... causing his bike and mine to collide head-on. Thankfully, there was no head impact or bike damage. But, I was bleeding on my left hand, and my right side hurt A LOT.

I dealt with pain for two weeks before going to the doctor and realizing that my right wrist was fractured. Therefore, I am in a cast for three more weeks, and the doctor strongly recommended that I stay off the bike while I have the cast on.

Does anyone on the forum have experience biking while in a short arm cast? Although I will probably be compliant with doctors' orders, I don't think I'm going to like it...

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You're not going to like it at all, but do what the doctor said anyway. You don't want to risk another fall because you can't quite maneuver the way you used to, or bones that don't heal properly because you're subjecting them to stress in the wrong direction, or something. It's only three weeks.

Noah, many of us on the CL have gone through injury down time and it sucks , especially during good weather and when things are happening, but it's important to let it heal right now. Bones can fuse together improperly and there is also a chance of nerve pain and or arthritis pain developing. Hang in there, and let it heal right ! It's only three weeks!

I'm pretty sure that your doctor knows more than me (and other chainlinkers) about why you shouldn't be riding with your particular injury & cast.

If you REALLY want to keep biking and want a second opinion then my advice is to go get one from Another Qualified Physician

Do what the doc says man, the price of having to repair a bad heal etc is way worse.

I vote bike trainer until healed - or adult tricycle or unicycle. Something which doesn't rely on the broken wrist.

I would make sure the theater company's liability policy covers outdoor activities before attempting to have the whole cast bike with you.

Someone might break a leg!


h' 1.0 said:

I would make sure the theater company's liability policy covers outdoor activities before attempting to have the whole cast bike with you.

James BlackHeron said:

Someone might break a leg!

Please do what the doctor said sucky as it is. Could you maybe ride? Sure! Would you risk making everything worse? Definitely! 

I work in ortho and we get calls for people who have tried stuff like this all the time. Its never great... 

It's all about risk vs. reward.  A couple of years ago I broke my right hand about 4 weeks before RAGBRAI.  The doctor told me to stay off the bike for 6-8 weeks.  I had no cast, just a brace and stayed off the bike until RAGBRAI.  I did ride the trainer at home and went to RAGBRAI against doctor's orders.

Could you fall and make your fractured hand worse?  Yes.  Does that mean you should always follow doctor's orders?  That's more subjective and really depends on what you want to accomplish.  I've seen fellow bike racers with casts on.  If I were you, I'd avoid commuting and any 'B' level bike races.  Or just stay off the bike, stay on the trainer, heal up and save it up for cross!

I'm currently biking more than I have in years due to running injuries... I came back too quickly after a 6-week layoff in the fall and I've been trying to get things right for the past 6 months.

Give yourself time to heal, but find activities you can do in the meantime.

If you have done any serious training in the past, you know your body better than your doctor does. Do everything you can to accelerate healing the break, that's a given, but find ways to maintain your usual fitness. And if that means occasionally violating the letter of doctor's orders in favor of a better outcome.... well, my attorney won't let me say "Go for it!" Use your best judgement.

Have you considered running? :-)

This. Cross train and heal. Try taking the CTA in the morning and running home if you were commuting before the injury.

Jonathan Quist said:

Have you considered running? :-)


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