I hate bike thieves.

Had two bikes stolen out of my locked storage area. Appears to have been an inside job (neighbor kid and I have pretty good proof...nothing police can use, but proof nonetheless).

They went right for my storage unit and only took my bikes (my wife's is still there).

I did post on the registry and filed a report with the police. Some very kind people contacted me via text and email and led me to the posting in the Chicago Bike Selling page on FB (https://www.facebook.com/groups/244863329005063/). Sure shit, there were my bikes for sale. $150...for a Bianchi Via Nirone 7 and a Cannondale Synapse 2300. Nice work idiots.

The kind soul who text messaged me that managed to get the thief's number was awesome. I was able to set up a meeting to "buy" my Cannondale back, but turns out the neighbor kid was the spotter. No go. But I did confront the kid calling him a "F-ing idiot" and explaining I knew exactly what he did as he played dumb and quickly scurried back to his friends. I can't wait to keep seeing him as I take my dog out for walks.

I'm going to be working with a detective so they can interview the kid downstairs and try and get the kid selling the bikes. It's hard because you can't see serials in his photos, but it's easy to tell they are mine as I have receipts for both models and colors in my possession...and weird, he was selling them in my neighborhood.

Either way, this was just a rant. Luckily, I have insurance and will be covered (minus a deductible). Pictures of both in case someone sees a kid riding these on the northside. The Bianchi is in rough shape with scrapes on both shifters and the derailleur is completely messed up due to a crash. Good luck to the kid who bought that one.

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sucks sucks sucks. Crossing my fingers that you get it back, as rare as it is.   I've had a bike stolen, it's a horrible feeling on so many levels.

Yeah, I'm not getting them back. Bianchi was sold this morning. Cannondale is a loss as well. I've already prepared mentally for that. Now that the kids know that I know, a major undercover sting would need to be made if even one bike was available. I just don't have the energy.

With these two stolen, this makes a total of three for me.

Although the plus side is that my wife may let me keep a new bike in the house, or I'll put a wall rack with locks in my storage unit (which will now have deadbolts installed).

Oh, I'm not remaining anonymous on this. I know who did it. They know I know. It was nice of the person that set up a fake FB profile to get in touch with the thief and let me take it from there. Don't get me wrong, I went to the meetup with a U-Lock tucked away in case of emergency. The problem really was that their spotter was the kid who lives in my building. He knew right away. Plus, the cops showed up. To the spot. Before me. Which is OK, as it wouldn't have worked anyway and they actually took it seriously.

I'm still following up with the detective on the case tomorrow to provide him as much info as possible to at least question the kid downstairs.

In any event, thanks for letting me rant.

This would be time for a visit to the Kid's family.   And a polite conversation that it this is not fixed, you will take him to Court.   You likely have more than enough to nail him in small claims court.   If the "kid" is over 18 and living alone, its time for a demand to the landlord that the Kid be evicted from the building as a thief.    Tell the Landlord that he is on notice that this tenant is a thief and that if he steals anything else after the landlord knows, the landlord may well be responsible.

And, of course, if they tell you who bought them, you can recover them as well.  Only a good faith purchaser for value can really take title, and if the price is so low as to not be legitimate, the good faith of the purchaser can be called into question.  (Buying a nearly new Brooks Saddle for 80% of value is reasonable, buying a nearly new Brooks Saddle for $5.00 is not...)

No, that was from my Bianchi that was a year and a half old (rode all year) and was just involved in a crash. The scuffs on the front side are what gave it away.

Is anyone reporting this page to FB?

I'm on the Chicago Cycles page on Facebook. Everyday that page is flooded with bikes that must be stolen for sale. It bums me out a lot to know that there is nothing I can do about it.

You are a much better man than me. Knowing who this guy is I would likely gets some kind of retribution - not against him physically but against his possessions.  Good for you that you have remained responsible and within the law.  

I hate hate hate bike thieves.

Chris has handled this with an amazing amount of restraint and calm when it would be so easy to seek retribution against the thief and his friends. I'm impressed by how clearheaded he's been throughout the whole process. 

The fact that stolen bikes are bought and sold in plain view and there's nothing anyone can do about it is insult on top of injury. If people would stop buying what is clearly stolen goods, it would eliminate the market. As long as folks continue to buy a high-end Bianci for $150, the thieves will continue stealing them.

-- Dawn

Browsing that facebook group fills me with rage. I can't believe these fuckfaces are getting way with this shit.

There is a post on reddit about a recovered Cannondale Synapse:



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