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14th Chicago Bike WInter Art Show • Call for Xrays


As previously announced, we are very excited to have the 14th Chicago Bike Winter Art Show at Chicago Urban Art Society located at 2229 S. Halsted. The show will run March 11 through March 25.


At a time of Chicago's political transition away from the pro-bike Daley administration, we encourage work that explores our city's rich bicycle history and promotes a dialogue on improving our city's cycling future. We will be creating an informational space in the gallery to highlight recent developments in bike infrastructure and preview progressive plans yet to be implemented in Chicago. 


As part of our safety awareness program, we hope to collect xrays of those involved in bicycle accidents and display them in a light box installation. Please submit xrays (high resolution if possible) and a short comment about your incident to Submission deadline is Feb. 19th.


This call is for those involved in bicycle accidents. While snowboarding accidents and motorcycle accidents are equally compelling, we are promoting bicycle safety.


Thank you --stuart hall, co curator/xray project lead

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