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I was working a water station for the Chicago Rock N' Roll Half Marathon a month or so ago, and while this is a really good thing to do, I noticed that there seemed to be BIKE volunteers, and I thought, "How do I get to do THAT?" They had official t-shirts on with the Rock N' Roll logo and seemed to be patrolling the course before the race started, and then to be following the lead runners (I'm sure to make sure they were healthy and safe on the course), and also maybe riding the course over and over perhaps just to make sure it was still open and safe for all runners.

So my question to you, cyclists of Chicago, is, have you ever heard of this type of volunteer opportunity, and how do you get in on it? The Chicago Marathon is coming up this fall and if there's a bike volunteer position I'd really like to do it. I've checked their web site, no luck.

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Hey Morgan; I use to run, I would check out If not the assn; would have a phone # , your more likely to get help or directed to the place on a phone. other than online thingie. If not hit me up as a friend & we can talk about that. I might be able to help,since I use to do marathons. Know I ride.
Morgan : Ian Stevens is a friend of mine and he coordinates volunteers (not bikes) and most likely
knows how to get the info. Email him at and metnion that I (Dan Brown) said
to contact him.

tony, i checked out the CARA web site but it's the same volunteer site i'd found before. i'll have to remember to email you later. h3, i am busy sunday, but i will keep an eye out on this site for anything that might come up in the future. mario, i don't know what IRUN is, but i'd be interested in any info you might send me. and daniel, thanks for the address and i'll email your friend later on and see if he has anything to add. thanks, everyone! (i'll let you know if i find anything, and brian, you can come too!)
A friend of mine rides in a few of the marathons and he gets paid to stay with the lead runners. ;-)
Hi Morgan,

I'm ran this marathon w/t the MGR Foundation's Team M3. We coach/mentor high school students and we have a couple of people on our team that ride their bikes during our training sessions/races and make sure everyone is good on the course. Usually they make sure the kids have enough energy beans, aren't dehydrated, or need to be picked up.

I think most teams usually have a couple of people that regularly volunteer wt them and provide this type of support. We train every Saturday morning and meet up at Montrose Boat House at 7am. This upcoming Saturday we are running 22 miles. Try contacting them below or I can send you the director's email.

Check us out on the web:



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