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Hi folks!  I am now living in Toledo, OH and will be working soon at the new casino here.  So excited!

What has come up is that I have requested bike facilities at the casino.  The General Contractor is still there and I do have the support of the Facilities Manager, but in order to get it done I want to have suggestions/options for just what is needed.  It is so crazy busy right now that this sort of thing is what gets pushed back and back.

Any ideas?  Where do I look for quotes and options?  Any planers out there that have already done this sort of thing?

Thanks so much!!!

Michelle Gregorek

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You go Michelle!


Click on bike racks ( %#^#*%#%%()&* work PC won't let me copy and paste the direct link...grrrrrrr)

And say hi to DJ Micah Phone for me :-)

(grrr can't post link to H-lounge schedule either . . .)

Howard, is this person working at the casino??  (I just noticed a VERY nice car with DJ "something" plates.)  I have been working in the wardrobe department, waiting for the casino to open to be table dealing.  Thanks for the help!

Michelle - there are past discussions on this topic.  I don't have time right now to search them out (the search functionality on ning is not like google, unfor).


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