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So, I've been tinkering around with the idea of adding a stereo to my chopper bike for bike rides.

A fellow from chicago posted an instructable which seems pretty cool, but not as loud as I'd like. I really don't want to pull an additional 50 lbs of weight (my chopper is a stretch).

Here is his link:

Anyone else have ideas?

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I have a sissybar if that's what you mean. It's not the strongest.
My tires are 24"'s and the size is 2.125.

Jim said:
Ammo, Does your chopper have a backrest? It maybe possble to tinker with it that way. Have to think about this. Also what size wheels do you run on that sweet thing? Are these 24" or 20"? What size on the tires? 2.3 or 2.5's? Thanks

h3 said:
Ammo said:
hahah yes
h3 said:
This be the bike you want to put it on?

Tough one. About the only safe option I can think of is to see if a "shelf" can be installed hanging out beyond the back of the seat that can hold a med-small system.

how much would you be willing to invest in a custom built system for your ride that would meet the other requirements that you've listed?

Some other more specifics would be helpful, such as how powerful? 200 watts, 500 watts? Full range speakers, a sub woofer? The more there is the heavier it is. The louder/more powerful the bigger the battery (much of the weight).

How much is dependent on it being on your show bike? Many of us devote a bike and or trailer to our sound systems. If you don't like riding your chopper with an extra 35-50 pounds on it you may want to consider another bike, also a bike that would be easier to put a one size fits all sort of system such as the ones h3 has ready to go. Maybe borrow one from him to get an idea of what it's like before going full on with a custom system for your chopper.

Some things to consider...
I think that you could clamp some fairly light weight speakers to the seat support struts (you might want to go with different struts that are stronger) behind your legs and mount a amp behind the seat. All you need then is a portable player, which could be an mp3 player that you put in your pocket. For a small ride you just need to hit the sound presure level threshold where you can be heard over a passing CTA bus.

I built a small 8 speaker sound system with 4 battery powered stereo amps that fit into a coke crate. I mounted this on my back rack (stacked onto another coke crate). I run an ipod into it. It plays loud enough to be heard over a bus. Everything was off the shelf consumer electronics. Awesome bike stereo - good enough for a rat ride or a group of friends.

A small system should be doable on your chopper with a little creativity (your chopper says enough regarding that)... A larger system - yeah purpose built soundsystem bike or trailer - skys the limit.
Wheelchair batteries and marine batteries are smaller lighter options. Car batteries are heavy!


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