So I am looking to see what the masses say.  

When wearing bike shorts do you wear them as I feel they were intended, Commando, you feel the need to wear underwear in addition to your wicking, breathable and cushioned bike shorts?

I have a friend who ingrained in me long ago how wearing underwear with bike shorts was a moral travesty and something one should never engage in.  I thought this was the consensus among most if not all cyclists.  

Is this not the case?

How do you wear bike shorts - with or without additional undergarments?

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I skip the traditional spandex bike shorts, but I swear by Padded Bike Boxer Briefs under whatever shorts or pants you feel most comfortable in. Admittedly, I'm not going for speed or minimal wind resistance, rather I prefer comfort with my duds on and off the bike. REI sells a nice low-cost option in their Novara brand, but I'm sure there are many other options out there. And also, It is my understanding that wearing anything between the skin and the chamois defeats the intention and purpose of the chamois padding.


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