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Hey I'm moving back to Chicago and I don't know a ton of people. I love bike folk. I live in a coop in hyde park and I was wondering if anyone wanted to go on a chilly winter bike ride with me, anytime? I'm very sociable, I sure we'll have a swell time. Let's ride bikes!

-Remy Schwartz

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Remy - I recommend checking the calendar, there are tons o nice people to meet at rides.
I second Julie's comment, or make your own ride!
Are you at the Qumbya house?
You need to get outta Hyde Park and come up North to Bridgeport and Beyond. See you at Mass.
i almost moved into Bowers some time ago. i regret i didnt.
I'm also in Hyde Park, and would love to get a winter social ride going on the weekends.
check out the south side riders for sure


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