I deliver pizza for Papa Johns in Evanston. I am looking for a different job but until that I get something else and with gas price so high I am going to try to deliver pizza on my bike.  I need to build a rack that can hold a 16in pizza. I have some ideas but I am looking for any suggestions.

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As others have noted, this is how they do it in NYC. Here's a specific front basket for pizza.



I am going to test it out before I start delivering this way.  I will also have some foam padding to help keep the pizza intact.

James Baum said:

I bet in many areas of the city delivering by bike would be easier and faster than using a car -especially at the busier traffic times.


I used to deliver for Domino's in Madison back in the 80's when I was in college to pay my way.  That was a HUGE delivery area -too huge for a bike with the time constraints -but I bet in the smaller chicago delivery areas a bike would work just fine if not better.


The plywood rack sounds like the best idea.  Just be aware that pizza is easily disturbed and the braking/turning forces on a bike can sometimes be much more than that found inside a car -especially if one is trying to make time on a bike cutting through traffic.  Customers don't like pizza all wadded up on one side of the box ;)  I'm sure it is something that isn't that hard to overcome as there are many pizza delivery guys who use bikes in some cities. 

The previous posts about how they handle it in NYC are spot on, but I just stumbled across this and thought it was worth mentioning:  http://civiacycles.com/components/pizzeria_rack/
Yep, NYC restaurant delivery dudes survive on these.

notoriousDUG said:
I have heard tales of NYC pizza guys using the Wald 157 Giant Delivery Basket with the front cut open and bent down to deliver pizzas.  I would guess it is the cheapest and easiest option.

Just found this awesome thread. I'm contemplating of replacing my front rack to something sturdier.

One day last week on Thursday 11:30 at night, I was riding on Clark and saw a guy riding with a front rack with a girl sitting on it - I thought that was cool - albeit probably not very safe. 

The girl did have a helmet on, though :-o

I have one for the front I don't use anymore paid $60 but will let it go cheaper than that. WALD relatively easy to take off. (872) ate eight 8-5 nine two 7. text if interested.

Is that the 257?

Couldn't tell you the model number. Got it for my short lived Postmates job. A little heavy and awkward for my bike on a Mt. Bike it would work better I assume.

J.A.W. said:

Is that the 257?




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