I deliver pizza for Papa Johns in Evanston. I am looking for a different job but until that I get something else and with gas price so high I am going to try to deliver pizza on my bike.  I need to build a rack that can hold a 16in pizza. I have some ideas but I am looking for any suggestions.

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A CETMA 7-rail rack has a 17 x 11 platform. It might be worth looking at.
I have heard tales of NYC pizza guys using the Wald 157 Giant Delivery Basket with the front cut open and bent down to deliver pizzas.  I would guess it is the cheapest and easiest option.
don't forget the bungie net.

You can't walk by a pizzeria in NYC without seeing 3-4 of these with precisely the setup dug describes.    Not as pretty as the Cetma rack (which are very nice), but much less expensive.

notoriousDUG said:

I have heard tales of NYC pizza guys using the Wald 157 Giant Delivery Basket with the front cut open and bent down to deliver pizzas.  I would guess it is the cheapest and easiest option.
CETMA racks are awesome and would be perfect for pizza  boxes. However the price and the time it takes to get it shipped is kind of ridiculous. If you order one today you might get it by early September.

Yeah, lots of NYC delivery people use the Wald basket. But cheap, quick and easy (and also flexible for other uses) might be:


- cheapest front platform rack you can find (you can also probably mod a cheap rear platform rack with enough hose clamps and creativity). Nashbar front rack, Pletscher, Wald, you can find something for $10-30, even brand spankin' new. 


- you have an oven, right? Do you really use all of the racks inside it? No? Then take one out, and clean it off. Free-ish.


- Zip ties and/or used inner tubes. Or more hose clamps, if that's your thing. To strap the oven rack onto your platform rack. Make sure it's stable! And flat! Almost free.


- bungee net and/or bungee cords and/or whatever other straps you might want to use. Free (if you have them already), maybe $10 for a net at a bike shop. 


I haven't done this before, but have seen it, and thought about it myself. Not to carry pizza, but copious amounts of sparkling water. And if you are not long for the world of pizza delivery via bicycle, you can always put your oven rack back into the oven, and use your front rack for other important things, like carrying six packs of beer to the lake.


Not sure how your corporate overlords at Papa John's might react to you delivering without a car, so I'd also look into getting a job at Jimmy John's, Potbelly's, or another sandwich place that does deliveries by bike. A lot easier to carry a 6" sub sandwich than a pizza, I think.

If you don't want to use your own oven rack, head over to the nearest used appliance store and buy a spare -- trust me, they have lots of the them.  You should be able to get it for free-$15 depending on where you go and how good of a mood the person is in.
The rack is the easy part.  I hope you and your bike have a gentle touch to ride around with a stack of pies.   Good luck with your endeavours.  Oh, get a center stand.

Thanks guys this gives me some ideas.  Ill let you know how things work out.


VO Porteur Rack.  I have one and I love it.

I bet in many areas of the city delivering by bike would be easier and faster than using a car -especially at the busier traffic times.


I used to deliver for Domino's in Madison back in the 80's when I was in college to pay my way.  That was a HUGE delivery area -too huge for a bike with the time constraints -but I bet in the smaller chicago delivery areas a bike would work just fine if not better.


The plywood rack sounds like the best idea.  Just be aware that pizza is easily disturbed and the braking/turning forces on a bike can sometimes be much more than that found inside a car -especially if one is trying to make time on a bike cutting through traffic.  Customers don't like pizza all wadded up on one side of the box ;)  I'm sure it is something that isn't that hard to overcome as there are many pizza delivery guys who use bikes in some cities. 

I bought cupcakes downtown last Summer and rode them home in thier "protective" box.

Wife and me had cupcake mash for dessert.  Was still tasty though.


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