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So, I know when your bike is stolen you report it on the "Stolen Bike Registry". However, what do you do when your back wheel is stolen? Mine was stolen today at the Rockwell Brown Line stop. It is an Alexrims DA22 700c laced to a Surely flip flop hub with a Bontrager Hard Case tire. I am of course disappointed, but considering that I have been riding for 8 years and this is the first wheel I have lost I am not devastated. Any suggestions about where I might file this stolen part, besides a police report, would be appreciated. And, if you are the one who stole my wheel, I assume it was a fellow biker with tools (had to take off the track lugs and the bolts to both of my chain tensioners), I hope you get run over by a monster truck!   

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Report it to the stolen bike registry as well.
Thanks for the report. I'm talking with Paul (tech mastermind behind the site) to figure out how to better accommodate parts reports. The site should be a useful tool to see where bike related theft of all types is happening.

H3N3 said:
Report it to the stolen bike registry as well.


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