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Looking for guidance regarding bike light batteries.  I have a number of blinkies that use the typical CR2032 watch batteries.  

I'm considering buying a few in bulk (up to 10), as it is cheaper and to always have a spare battery around. . .

What I am finding is that there are a lot of ECR2032 batteries available on amazon for good prices.  

Question - are these lithium batteries?  Will they work well for my bike light?  What is the shelf life of lithium watch batteries. . . .  

thanks in advance. . .

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E = "Energizer" - it's just a proprietary code. Any CR2032 battery is interchangeable.

C = Lithium/manganese-dioxide. This is the chemistry, which defines the power: it's a 3.0V nominal/3.5V pulse discharge battery and they all have essentially the same power supply characteristics.

R = Round. As opposed to square, flat, etc.

20 = 20mm

32 = 32mm

Shelf life will depend upon a number of factors not included in the IEC code. LiMO batteries will lose power while stored but, generally, if you store the things properly you should still have a usable charge for at least 5 years. Each manufacturer will have it's own recommendations.


I buy Maxell brand CR2032s on Amazon. They last years and are cheap, cheap, cheap. I think the last pack I bought was five batteries for $2 including shipping. I don't have to buy them more than once every three years or so. They are lithium.

Good stuff!


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