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We witnessed the aftermath of a pretty horrific collision yesterday. From what others in our building saw, the original person who hit the cyclist took off, and she landed on the hood of the second car, which stopped. It looked very bad and sounded worse. We haven't seen a thing on the news and are hoping someone has an update, either on the cyclist or on the hit and run? The cops were there for a long time, and we're hoping the building across the street might have a camera pointing that way (ours doesn't).

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You might try Everyblock forum, at the risk of bringing out the bike haters.

There are a lot of active posters from your neighborhood.

Please report back if you learn anything . . .


That is awful. I wonder if they went right to Northwestern. 
I think that's what happened, Molly: the first responders came out with a backboard and then the ambulance took off. I'll go check the forum to see what the deal is...



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