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Thank you Rahm.  Our bike friendly mayor removed the bike racks in the protected drop off area at the far east end of Navy Pier.  The only bike racks out east on Navy Pier are at WBEZ, which were over half full on a week day in March, 2015.  

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Who did this, and why ?

Michael, I just called and spoke to various parties at Navy Pier, got transferred back and forth a few times, and they best I could get is "they"/"the people that plan the construction" "don't tell us anything," "maybe they just didn't want them there anymore."  Maybe you can do better?

600 East Grand Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611

We would love to hear from you! For questions or comments regarding Navy Pier, please e-mail us at or call us at 1-312-595-5282. A Guest Services representative is available daily by phone during Navy Pier’s operating hours found here to assist you.

Bicycling out along the north side of Navy Pier, this is where the bicycle racks used to be, in the furthest east drop off area for the Grand Ballroom.  This in near the expo area where the Garden Show recently was held.  The nearest enclosed bicycle parking is at WBEZ, still a walk to the expo area, and the WBEZ bicycle racks were over half full during the March 2015 Garden Show.  Yes, there is construction all along the south pedestrian side of the pier.  That construction has nothing to do with the parking facilities where the racks used to be.

I've biked to the pier a thousand times over decades, and somehow never knew there were inside racks, partly because ridin on the pier est verboten.  I always lock at the racks in the park across from the front entrance.  But I'm glad y'all are following up.  And let's make "Thanks Rahm" a standard sarcastic meme for use even after he's gone.

Thanks, Obama!

Ha! Sums it up

A cyclist is expressing concern about bike infrastructure being removed. Maybe we could turn down the ridicule just a notch or two?


Unsubstantiated allegations deserve more ridicule. 

When the factual reasons for the infrastructure being removed are revealed, I'll get back in my clown car and gladly leave.

Just so I understand: Anything bike-positive that happens between now and the election is Rahm's benevolence made manifest to us his unworthy subjects, while anything bike-negative that happens is obviously completely outside of his control and done over his no-doubt-energetic protestation, even action taken by an agency whose board members he directly appoints. Have I got that right?

I guess we should call in Ken Mick to reply now. Ken.
This question was raised in this current political atmosphere because backers of the current mayor believe that he and/or his connected cohorts are beyond reproach when it comes to the best interests of those in the cycling community. We are in the process of 'fairly and even-handedly' trying to figure out who/what may be responsible for this action and to try to get the racks reinstalled for the benefit of all in our cycling community who use them. That is what the issue in this action is.

Perhaps this may be a temporary removal for whatever reason, but we are just trying to figure it out.

I just wanted to bump this back up since I had to stop there today on my ride from Evanston to Hyde Park for a bathroom break. (Admittedly off-topic but I can't understand why the park district still has all the bathrooms along the LFP closed, but...)

I was told that there is no bike riding at Navy Pier anymore due to construction. Of course I was told that by a security person (who honestly was trying to be very, very nice about it), but given all the bike traffic that's being redirected there I can't honestly understand the idiocy of this idea.

To me, this is one of the instances where a great, independent, bicycle advocacy group could really be beneficial to getting this new policy changed.


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