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My landlord let me know today that the neighbors in the lower apartment aren't renewing their lease...I'm hoping to get some bike friendly people here! I'll post what I know, the rest will be filled in soon. Available June 1st. 

Rent is $1550/Month

Logan & Rockwell - 2 Flat

3 bedroom/2 bath

Free Laundry

Shared finished attic, shared basement, with plenty of space for bike storage.

Has a back porch that is enclosed...fenced in back yard, garden, parking space(my roommate and I both don't have a car. Neighborhood is pretty quiet. Three blocks from Target & Strack & Van Til.

When I have more details, including some photos, I'll post them.

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Oh, that sounds great! Please do keep me apprised of developments, that sounds kind of perfect, actually. 

Pictures posted...bump.

Friday Bump. 

Friday Bump.

Friday Bump.


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