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Not sure how long it has been there, but I just saw the bicycle display in the flowerbed outside Willis Tower along Franklin St. this morning.  It is to promote their new bicycle valet program, but I also just think it is a lovely piece of public art that represents well the joy many of us feel on our bikes and the diversity of bikers out there.  I had no camera on me, but you can find a bunch of photos on the Beezodog's Place Website, like the one below.

What do you think of this display?  Know of any other good bicycle public art displays around the city?  I seem to recall there is a house somewhere on the north side that has a fence made of bike frames, but I can't recall exactly where this is. 

Anyone seen the new The Art of the Bicycle exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry yet?  I want to try to go on one of the museum's few free days - luckily the exhibit is up until 2018!

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Fascinating, how bicycles are equally functional and symbolic.  

Here's a challenge for future bike art installations: incorporate appropriate locking techniques and use it to teach the masses. 

surprisingly cool 



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