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Big Changes and New Leadership for The Chainlink

Greetings from Croatia!

The Chainlink is coming up on its three-year anniversary, and as we approach this milestone, I'd like to reflect and share some news.

Over the past three years, our community has grown immensely. We've seen The Chainlink start with a handful of people (most of whom were unsuspecting cyclists whom I begged to join). We celebrated when we hit 1,000 members nine months later, and we've steadily been welcoming members into the community ever since. Now our community has grown to over 5,000. I've gotten to meet and get to know many of you, and the amazing community we have is a testament to each of you. Your enthusiasm for cycling and The Chainlink has been inspiring.

As with all things, even when you put your heart and soul into something, there comes a time when you move on to seek new challenges. For me, that time is now.


After much deliberation, I am stepping down as the head of The Chainlink. It's time for me to pursue new challenges and bring new ideas to life. I leave the community in the capable hands of Julie Hochstadter, who until now has been The Chainlink's Director of Marketing. Many of you know Julie, and I think you'll agree that she's a capable and enthusiastic leader. I know she'll do great things for The Chainlink.

In the meantime, I'm pursuing the next phase of my adventures. In January I left Chicago to begin a year of traveling with my girlfriend. We are working remotely while traveling - an experiment of sorts to test out being able to live a life that's independent of any particular location, so we can live wherever we want. We started a company to help companies big and small with their website and marketing needs, called Start Somewhere ( and with laptops in hand, we're working remotely on clients from home while visiting places like Colombia and Budapest. If you're curious, you can check out our travel blog:

During my travels I'll be in and out of Chicago, but of course you an always find me on The Chainlink or email me at

As I step down, let me say that it's been an honor to be a part of this incredible community, and to -- in a small way -- be a part of your lives. Thank you for being a part of The Chainlink and a part of Chicago's cycling community.

With gratitude,


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Leah, thank you so very much for getting The Chainlink under way. It's just what the Chicago cycling community needed.

I just read your story under the "About" link from the home page, and before I found The Chainlink, I felt just like you about linking up with like-minded people. This was after taking up cycling again after a 25-year hiatus. Then I suddenly found myself commuting 16 miles a day on an east-west route and felt very alone and out of touch. Finding The Chainlink made all the difference.

I wish you all the best in your new venture.

Once again, thank you!

Congratulations on your new ventures Leah - hope you brought the bikes along. 

And thanks again for creating the Chainlink !

you should franchise TheChainlink across the globe as you pass through cities of the world!
Thanks for starting the group that got me pretty much all my Chicago friends!
Thank you, Leah, for all you've done in starting The Chainlink and taking it to where it's at today, and congratulations on your exciting new adventure.
I have been following the travel experiment intermittently for the past few months, and missed the leap from Colombia to Croatia. Maybe you're picking destinations alphabetically? I've thanked you before in person, but this seems like an appropriate time to thank you again. It was a great idea, well-implemented. Julie, congratulations as well.

Thank you for the Chainlink Leah. Such an amazing place.


Congrats Julie!

Leah--I am so happy for you that you are finding ways to work and travel. Thank you for creating this forum, which has done so much to energize and connect people who ride for so many reasons. And, Julie--thanks for all the work you have put into CL already, and for continuing to take it on. It's a big job, I know :)
Your efforts are much appreciated! All the best in your new adventures.

Leah, we've never met, but I feel like I know you (at least, a little bit :)

Good luck somewhere!

Thank you Leah for launching the Chainlink and for all the hard work and soul sweat you have put into it.  The Chainlink is something you should be proud of as it is a big success.   I can't speak for anyone else but I sure appreciate it and judging by the growth of the site I can suspect that I am not the only one. 


And thank you Julie for stepping up and shouldering the burden of leadership.  I wish you smooth sailing and good times ahead.   It is a great time to be a bicyclist in the Chicago area. 

Thank you Leah.  Put simply, life is better since I discovered this resource and the people on it.  Thank you for bringing us all together.



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