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What's in your stable? What is the bicycle you ride for commutes? And why do you like it?

Pics of mine later...

Felt York fixed gear

Diamond Back Hanjoo cyclocross

Surly Pugsley

Soon... Surly Cross Check. 

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2017 Caynon Commuter with Alfine internal hub, Gates belt drive, XTR brakes, SON front generator hub and internal lights

1980's Colnago Super Pista Campy C record Pista group (work in progress)

I have a feeling you like Colnago bikes. 2015 Colnago world cup - one I wanted a whole back. 

Awesome collection. 

My humble 3 speeds:

"Queen Mab" 1953.

"Jocasta" 1971.

Fun to ride. Both veterans of the Lake Pepin 3 speed tour, reliable commuters and errand bikes.

GT Karakoram ('93? '94?)

Here's a new addition. New to me. Will turn into an urban single speed commuter.

Cross Check frames are like a Jeep of the commuter bikes. Versatile and won't let you down if you take care of it. 

Here's another I was working on this weekend. Surly Cross Check.

Another one - finished product. 

Just finished this - beater commuter - GT karakoram circa 1993 - Single speed with old but reliable parts.
As with every frankenbike, this has a lot of room for upgrades, downgrades, etc. All I need id a binder bolt so I don't have to take off the seatpost when I lock it... or maybe construct a chain retention with saddle/frame for un-steal-a-bility. With duct tape.

Prized bike is an early 1980s Trek originally bought and owned by my Grandfather. All components are as he rode it. It still rides like a dream and is such a fun bike. I have the exact details somewhere but I can't track them down right now.

The first "nice" bike I ever purchased was this 2002 LeMond Buenos Aires. It started out as my road bike, became a triathlon bike, then a commuter bike (the pic below must have meant commuting with a triathlon in the near future), and now it's back to road bike/bikepacking duty.

Kid Hauler and around town cargo bike is a base Yuba Mundo. It's a beast. I'm not one to want an electric assist for biking, but I'm seriously considering it for the Mundo.

365-day commuter and beater is a super cheap 2015 Nashbar Cross SS. Similar geometry to a Surly Crosscheck. Nice to not have to worry about it being stolen. (I've had bikes stolen and it sucks, and it'd suck to have this beater stolen too, but only emotionally.)


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