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What's in your stable? What is the bicycle you ride for commutes? And why do you like it?

Pics of mine later...

Felt York fixed gear

Diamond Back Hanjoo cyclocross

Surly Pugsley

Soon... Surly Cross Check. 

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Didn't think they still made the Centurion Ironman by '95. I always dismissed them as a marketing gimmick riding on Dave Scott's name-brand (although, in the spirit of full disclosure, I never rode one either.) I have come to understand them as a very viable steel frame road bike that tends to fly under the radar, and thus, are a great value in the used bike market. War horse for sure

Here are some images... working on a couple of other bicycle projects, so no pictures of those yet. 

I did the psychocross bike. Can we see more pics of that?

Another look at the FELT 

E. Merckx, c.1984.

Nice Merckx.

1970 Mercian Path Racer:

Nice Paramount.

How do you like those Odom hubs? They hold my interest but I've never seen a set in the wild.

Yes! nice collection!



You have a lot of amazing bikes!



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