What's in your stable? What is the bicycle you ride for commutes? And why do you like it?

Pics of mine later...

Felt York fixed gear

Diamond Back Hanjoo cyclocross

Surly Pugsley

Soon... Surly Cross Check. 

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The current iteration of my All City Space Horse Disc as my commuter

Colnago Dream

that's a nice looking bike.

Here's a new project and addition to the bike fleet...

A 1993 I think, GT Karakoram. I am going to make is a single speed, and refurbish the brake levers/shifters for my daughter's bike. 

The other is a Cross Check which I will also turn single speed. Adding some parts from the parts bin and should be rideable. More later.

My Commuter (Daily from Brookfield to Navy Pier)

Jamis Icon Elite

My Roadie

Specialzed S-Works Venge

The S Works is nice! 

1984 Red Gios Compact with first gen Campy C record ,cobolto brakes, and Modolo bar and stem

1995 Colnago Master PIU with Campy C Record 2, delta brakes and Cinelli bar/stem

1999 Bontrager Privateer with Shimano XTR and Rolf ceramic wheels

That Bontrager... Yes!

Awesome rides!

Great discussion.  Makes me feel that having more than one bike is not so unusual.

Us bike addicts... its like a rolodex of bicycles and bicycle parts. 

2006 Colnago prototype CX with Campy record 11 speed, FSA bar stem

2009 Colnago EPS with Campy super record EPS 11 speed

2012 Colnago C59 with Campy super record 11 speed and Mad Fiber carbon wheels

2015 Colnago world cup with Campy super record 11 and Enve wheels


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