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My buddy and I have designed a bunch of bicycle-related pins. We're both graphic designers in Chicago and have a love for bicycling. Hopefully, we've got a pin that speaks to you! Consider making a suggestion for the next batch we're working on? Cheers all.

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Very nice. I ordered one. Do you plan on selling these retail? I hate paying for shipping(though yours is reasonable) when something can be picked up locally.

Thanks Jaik! 
I just got back biking my errands, a stop at the PO was one of them. You should see a tracking number in your inbox soon.

As for retail, we're hoping to get a few retail placements once we get a few more pins produced. I'll likely post about it when it happens. 

Thanks for your order.


Excellent, Thanks! Through the years, I've switched out most of the pin backs on pins for flat backs. They're a bit more secure. Most pin companies don't sell these, but if this was available as an "add on" option, I would have paid an extra 50 cents for one.

Thanks Jaik, you've done us quite a service offering up your experience and all. Given we're fairly new at this, we're still learning. I very much appreciate your insight. We'll certainly consider this as we move forward.



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