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My small office of 8-10 people is moving offices sometime in 2018. Right now we work in a building with a small gym with showers, towel service and indoor bike parking. Can you help me suggest buildings with similar amenities to my boss?

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200 W Jackson has an indoor bike room (with a pump and tool station) and a gym-- they both require a one time fee of $50 for access.

Also, they do free weekly happy hours on the top floor! 

Willis Tower.

Bike valet service is wonderful.  Drop your bike in a rack on your way to your office, and the service takes it away and locks it up.  Call ahead a few minutes before you leave, and the service brings your bike back out to the rack, where you can pick it up and go.

The gym in the building is $120 per year.  Yes, $10 per month.  Includes towel service.  But no other laundry.  :-(


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