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Groupon has a crazy deal on them - do you know anything about them? I'm a very casual rider and need a new ride this year (my main one is a Dahon foldie). I mostly ride a few miles on weekends or group rides like CCM or Naked BR. I'm also very old and need something pretty easy to ride. 

It's definitely cute and priced at $200. But I just don't know anything about them. Mostly I just want to know if it's a good deal and should pull the trigger. Thanks so much. 

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I found the website here:

Edit to this post- depending on the model, they seem decent enough if you aren't going to be riding them much more than for casual rides. They are quite cute, but I have never heard of them before.

Old Italian Marque, some were made in Mexico. i'm guessing these are Taiwanese built. Haven't seen the newer ones, but the old ones were pretty good. Benotto's been around for awhile.

They were much more famous for their colorful rolls of bar tape. mike w hit the nail on the head as far as history, the brand name was sold to a Taiwanese company. Have it assembled and gone over by a good mechanic and you should be fine.


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