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Hub is in good working condition, although It could probably use some fresh grease.  The rim isn't mark for size, just Schwinn Approved, I think its a Schwinn S-6?.  Rim has some deeper corrosion, but the hub looks like it will clean up very well. Great for a cruiser bike on Chicago's flat terrain.

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The thing to be aware of on these hubs is the condition of the cog (sprocket.)   The cog and driver (MS18 or MS19 for the 18 or 19 tooth versions) are integral pieces and finding replacements these days can be very difficult and expensive.  You should post of photo of the cog so that people can see if it is OK or needs replacement.  NOS ones do show up on fleabay every once in a while.

Rebuilding and regreasing of this hub is very simple but you will either need the special Bendix tool to loosen & remove the funky cone locknut on the non-drive side or make one out of a piece of 3/8" gas pipe like this one that I whipped up the last time I needed it. 


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