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OK, I just came back with another bell that won't fit my handle bar.

Anyone know where I can get one that will fit my handlebar?

Please don't say "your LBS should carry one" because that's so not true!

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Looks like you can find them online. They might be just a strange size that most LBS's wouldn't carry. 

piece of old inner tube should do the trick.  works great for me!

look for the Incredibell Omnibell with an adjustable band or BBB EasyFit, both work on 31.8 bars

a pocket knife and dremel worked well for me?

I got some Dutch style bells like the one below, but it has two screws, one on each side. They too did not fit large handlebars. I went to the hardware store and got two longer screws. Problem solved.

The Incredibell Omnibell works beautifully for this.

you can look at Niagra cycle's website for various bells, find one that fits 31.8m bars.


here is one....can't beat  $3.15, postage will probably cost more

I love bells!


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