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They don't weigh much, are charming, less rude than "on your left" and make people smile. I think all bikes in Chicago should have one. Two of my bikes have bells (including my road bike) and I can hardly believe I used to ride in the city without them.

Who agrees with me? What's your favorite kind of bell?

Mine are the Japanese brass ones, though the ones with a built in clock and others in the shape of a tiny teapot are rad too.

Go out to your LBS and get a bell for each one of your bikes!

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El Duke - I didn't know about the spacers. I've gotta do that since mine is quite loose and happens to ring with nearly every single little patch of rough road. thanks!
Absolutely. I have one on my touring bike - old school traditional type. If I get fancy people think it's some kid with a toy. Some models really let you wail on 'em so folks know you mean business.
You say that passing on the right is bad form, yet you have a problem with me wanting to know which side someone's passing on? Interesting.

People passing on the right are also usually passing too close for comfort because they're usually in a "hurry". Hence - wanting to know which side I'm about to be passed on.

Again, nothing against a "Hello" ding, but don't ding at me then have me seeing nothing on my left side when I look back.

Tony Adams said:
How important is it to know which side someone is approaching on really? Someone was kind enough to let you know that they'll be overtaking you in second or two and you see fit to complain about it? Just hold your line for those two or three seconds while your getting passed and everyone will fine.
And unless you are hearing impaired can you really not tell from which side you hear a bell?
I agree though that passing on the right is extremely bad form and should be avoided whenever possible.

Tank-Ridin' Ryan said:
I respectfully disagree with you.
I hate it when someone comes up from behind ringing his or her bell. I always say, "Doesn't tell me what side you're on." Ring your bell, then pass me on the right, and I'll be more pissed than if you said, "On your right". Going across Iowa a couple weeks ago, many exchanges went like this: "On your left"
"Thank you"
"You're welcome"

No one getting pissed off. Even saying "On your right"(which happened frequently with 20000 riding across IA) lets the person in front of you know that you're on his or her right, even though you shouldn't be if possible.

A major part of it is delivery though, like the way a car horn can sound friendly or like the most important person in the world is behind you.
damm everything turns into an argument around here...

I love my bambi bell on my tandem.. its friendly yet assertive. it says hello nice to see you but get the hell out of our way because the other bell is a new belgium fat tire bell and we got some drinkin to do
I have a bell on both of my commuter bikes. Infinitely better that yelling on your left, especially for pedestrians who can hear a bike bell better for some reason, and tend to move for that better than for a shout. I had a brass bell on my fixie until recently, but the spring was weakening and it was pretty much ringing itself every time I went over a bump, so I replaced it with an incredibell, which I have on both bikes now. It's pretty damn small, and works great.

Bells are required I think in NYC.
I believe that bells are required in the Netherlands too.

Shouldn't slower traffic stay to the right anyway? If you're passing on the right then you're not slower.

In post overtaking situations — (cars, boats, maybe planes too) — the vehicle that is being overtaken has the right-of-way. The passing vehicle is supposed to yield to the vehicle already in place.

I agree with T.A. — just hold your line and let the passer find the way around.

Planning to add a bell soon.
i was like...what's an "LBS"? got it now. you should have warned a bell.
no bells here. i just like crazy loud hubs. the new hammerschmidt on one bike also works REALLY well!
I like having a cow bell or go go bell mounted on my bike and I hit them with a drumstick. FUN!
"More cow-bell!"

Davo said:
I like having a cow bell or go go bell mounted on my bike and I hit them with a drumstick. FUN!
that bell rocks!

Trachea said:
Here's a pic of my teapot bell on my new (vintage) british bike. It was a birthday gift from a friend a couple years back. I'm glad that I now have the perfect bike for my bell!
Thanks, Duke. Yes, a bell ring has stopped me daydreaming and a welcomed sound from fellow cyclist. Let's me know I am not alone and reminds me to focus. Would like if it came with a smiling glance, which usually does not, but not all cycle folks have the same feeling of community that I do. So it goes.

I do like a bell for the ability to get attention. It works on fellow spinners, but does not work well for jaywalkers. For them you just got to slow down what with the headphones, cell phones, and just plain they don't see you because bicycles are invisible.



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