I saw one of these at Ogilvie train station on Thursday night. The owner of the Kiosk in the French Market, even gave us a demonstration.  It definitely gets a thumbs up for cool factor. 


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At $1800, I think we may actually see these in the wild if they can get them built and shipped.

Spotted on Friday @ the Halloween CCM ride.

This is pretty sweet! Although being a unicycle rider myself, there is a small piece if me that thinks it's kind of cheating!

There was a book on unicycling back in the 70s with a motorized 'unike' where a small lever in the rider's hand controlled the wheel speed. I always wanted one, but i agree maybe this is cheating. Unless you have to climb up it to start like a giraffe...

If a foldable bicycle fits in a bag, it is allowed at any time.  I understand they come with a back pack it all fits in.


i don't understand. where do you put the speakers. 


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