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I'll be in Austin for my brother's wedding at the end of February.

Y'all have any leads for me on bike events?


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Oh, my home! Unfortunately I was not an active cyclist when I lived there but most of my friends were so: if you can ride the Greenbelt, do it. If you can ride to Barton Springs and go swimming, do it. If you can do a longer ride out into Hill Country, do it. Please avoid the major road ways if there isn't a bike lane (though there was supposed to be a lot of fresh paint put down in the past several months)...

And if you hit it, you might as well do the Austin Critical Mass... see if you notice it being significantly different from Chicago's.

And be ready for hills.

And have fun. I'm exceedingly jealous.

Maps for city trails:
(some bike shops should have print outs of this)

Oh, and you'll meet lots of neat people here:
BMX action daily at the 9th Street Trails.
be sure to check this website and calendar for up-to-date events.

Bike Swap Meet is end of FEB. always a good time.

Social Cycling is a good big group of folks that host rides.

austin on two wheels has a ton of info too - along with events calendar.

have fun!! lots of good riding in austin. weather should be good too. m.



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