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Anyone interested in renting a van and "audit" the last day of Ragbrai? it is a ~64 miles ride from Iowa city to Davenport.

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Feel free to come our RAGBRAI get together for anyone who has done or is going to do the ride.


Details here.

Are you still doing this? I know someone who is trying to do the whole week. All he needs now is a ride to and from. He could help with gas if you return together. Let me know please!;-)

sounds fun


I might be down for that.

tempted. 2010 was a blast with "TEAM TEAM".

very tempted

oh boy

I've found the last day of RAGBRAI to be the least fun.  Not as many people stopping to enjoy the sites or have a drink.  Most people are just trying to get to the end town by 2pm so they can get one their buses/cars/etc. 


I feel bad for the end towns, they put a lot of hard work and money into setting it up for everyone, but few people stick around and spend any money there.


It would be nice to do one of the other days of ragbrai though.



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