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I'm looking to bike to Cicero from Bridgeport (1hr 20 min), but wondering how safe it is.  It looks like Archer Ave bike lane ends near Midway Airport.  I might do some combo of CTA and bike.  Alternately, what's the coverage of Uber drivers/ taxi drivers out there? 

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Here's the route info for trips out to Oak Park.  It includes a far south side route, a mix of 26th Street and 18th Street, that would also basically take you from Bridgeport to Cicero with some simple modifications:

I've personally only ever biked in South Lawndale and Little Village on the weekends, and I found those neighborhoods to be fine for cycling with cars no more aggressive than anywhere else in the City, though safety is a pretty subjective thing. 

It can be hairy at rush hour but I rather like riding out Ogden Ave on weekends. 26th is probably a better general-purpose option, as ad says. 

Thanks everyone!  I have an event Saturday night and was deciding between biking or crossing my fingers that Cicero has Uber/Lyft coverage.  

One option to keep in mind if you bike out, but would rather avoid the commute back in if it gets too late, is to just catch the Pink Line (or Blue Line after hours) to get back.  Cicero stop on Blue Line is 24 hours and would be a short ride from anywhere you'll be in Cicero.  Austin stop is a bit safer, and probably still close depending where you'll be in Cicero.

Again, safety is subjective, but I've always felt OK riding the Blue Line late at night (especially considering I ride in the first car so the driver is near by).  I actually do that a lot when I go out in the City from Oak Park---bike in, and then catch the train with my bike home to the Austin stop when it gets late at night.   

My primary concern was motorists/traffic.  Not too worried about crime (which I probably should given that it is Chicago).  That's good to keep Blue/Pink line in mind since Orange Line shuts down around midnight.  Thank you for your insight!  I'll probably do a mix of CTA/biking both ways.  

How did it go?


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