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Consider this: You like to use the Chicago Bike Map but you don't always carry it with you. You want to be reminded of where the bike lanes and trail access points are. But you do carry your smartphone with you, all the time. 

In April 2012 I launched my first-ever app, the Chicago Bike Guide. It works similarly to the "Chicago Bike Map" (the City's printed one) in that it shows the presence of on-street bike lanes, multi-use trails, and train stations. It works like Google Maps, though, where you can pinch and zoom to interact with the map. 

Divvy, train stations, directions, The Chainlink, Twitter, points of interest, it's all right here. 

Available for Android and iOS

Routing on the Chicago Bike Guide

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All right, rabbit, you've convinced me!


Thank you for downloading!

Yep, it's free, and there's nothing I can do to change it back short of deleting it from the app store and re-adding it, which, well, I would rather ride on Lake Shore Drive before doing that. 

Self-sealing Stembolt said:


All right, rabbit, you've convinced me!


You might, rabbit, you might!


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