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What's the best way to get to the lake front trail from AON center?  Last year, there was no direct route.  I had to walk my bike through grant park.  

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This is going to be a really lousy explanation, but you can take Randolph as far east as it goes and go north past those apartment buildings and under Wacker Drive to the Riverwalk.  Then take the Riverwalk east to where it comes out at DuSable Harbor and go back south and a little west along the paths to get to the trail.  I bet someone out there can explain it better.

Go east on Randolf. Turn left (north) onto N Field Boulevard. Turn right onto E Benton Place at the Lake Shore East Park. Turn left onto N Westshore Drive then right through underpass onto N Harbor Service Drive, left around parking lot, then right under the Lakeshore Drive toward another underpass (under the LFT). Voilà!

Follow the blue line:,+East+Randolph+Street,+Chicago,...

And its hard to see on the map, but if you turn right into a parking entrance half way up Westshore Dr (the short north-south road btwn Benton and South Water), you can follow it through, up a gravel hill, under LSD, and past the Friendship Chinese restaurant on the harbor. Its a slightly more direct route to the path

Yep. That "slightly more direct route" I described above.

...Or, if construction around the Cancer Survivors Garden is over, like this:


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