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Anyone want to help a couple of Chainlinkers in loading furniture? Money, Pizza & Beer/Beverages provided in Exchange :)

We are moving on Sunday, July 29th -30th, and although I have posted a "labor wanted" ad on CraigsList, I figured why not ask any strong bodied Chainlinkers if they would like to make a few bucks and also get an added bonus of beer/beverages and pizza.  Warning: We have a huge, heavy sectional couch that will require at least 3 strong people to move down 2 flights of stairs. We also have a few dressers, queen bed/mattress, mirrors and other various boxes/furniture. Rob & I estimate this shouldn't take more than an hour or two for the biggest stuff as we will be helping as well. We will have a truck ready around 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, July 29th. The location is near Lincoln and California Avenues on the Northside. Exact address will be provided to those who are interested.

We are looking for at least 2 strong people.  Please provide your hourly rate/expected compensation, what kind of pizza you would like and the type of beverages you would like to drink and we'll see if it is in the moving budget.   This is only for moving and loading furniture into the truck, not unloading, since we are going out of state.

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Yay- We have two takers. We might be able to use a third as alternate/back-up or just someone else to eat and drink with, but I just want to thank you to those of you who responded :-)  



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