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I'm new to the Chainlink and to Chicago. I got into the DK 200 this year. I've done the 100 the last two years. So I'm hoping to find some people in the area that might be training up for the 200 or other similar long-distance rides. I'll be putting in a lot of weekend saddle time and it would be cool to have some fun folks along. I'm hoping to piece together some cool/unusual routes. For example, two weekends ago, I took the blue line as far west as I could, took the Prairie Path to the northwest to the Fox River, then rode down to Aurora then came back on the Metra. It was pretty nice! Muddy, but nice! At some point I think I may bike to Madison for my long weekend and will be looking to ride up to Milwaukee as well. Anyway... if you have any ideas for fun groups to ride with - that seek unique routes and not too many out and backs, I'm all ears! Thanks a ton! -Stephen Garrett 

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I'm fairly new to gravel and signed up for a 240 mile gravel ride in August.  Unfortunately there isn't much in the way of gravel around the city.  If you go way out west (Fremont, IL) it gets better.  Prarie Path is alright, but it's fairly flat and I've done it on 25c road tires.  My strategy is to do a bunch of long road rides (started randonneuring this year) to keep my endurance up and then get some work on gravel roads to the point where I'm comfortable riding it.

I haven't done either of these, but these are on my top list of things to hit this year and I've heard good things:

Thanks Zach! Hit me up if you're interested in joining up sometime soon. Cheers and stay safe.

Hi Yes I am doing DK this year this will be #5 for me so aiming for the 1,000 mile club :).  I am not fast.  I complete.  I use the DPR a lot and planning on doing the Dairy Roubaix on 4/21.  I ride with a small group who are doing it or another 200 the following weekend in South Dakota.  

Awesome! Wow 5 times! I did the 100 the last two years. I'm also riding in the Dairy Roubaix. I did that last year and had a blast. A few of my friends from MN will be there again this year. Let me know if you guys have room for one more rider on training rides coming up. This is a low mileage weekend for me so I'm just riding by myself, but would love to join a like minded group on future rides. Cheers! 

I've got a handful of gravel routes in the city that I ride regularly. Nothing over two hours. Perfect for my busy schedule with kids and work. They are slowly disappearing as the rail right of way gets sold off or paved. I lead folks on these routes from time to time via Boulevard Bikes' monthly gravel rides. I should be hosting a ride in the next few weeks. I'll let everyone here know.

The Des Plaines River trail is really special. You can ride fifty miles of it and return via Metra.

 A century can be ridden on the Prairie Path- Chicago, Elgin, Aurora, Chicago.

Two thirds of the North Branch Trail can be ridden off-road. There's equestrian trails paralleling the paved route from Dempster North.

Thanks very much for the info! Maybe I'll see you out on the trails! 

Great.  My long ride is usually NBT horse paths, skokie valley trail to north shore trail to DPR to Wisconsin and back!  

Hello all.  I am renewed to cycling....20+ years since I've pedaled.  But I have done a couple of century's, and am planning a Katy Trail trip in October (hoping to catch the changing leaves along the trail for photographs).  If anyone would like to join me, please don't hesitate to contact me.


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