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Anyone sell a decent mountain bike without disc brakes anymore?

It's been years since I bought a new bike and my current rides are in pretty bad shape.

Inspired by the Sirrus ad Serge posted, where the second guy is riding a bike with fenders and rack around the city, I started to search various shop and mfg websites.  Have looked at every current offering from Specialized, Kona, Surly I think . . .

But it doesn't appear what I want is still being made . . .?  Almost longing for the days when there was Trek, Specialized, and Cannondale and that was it (but not really.)


What I want:


-Cantilever Brakes stock

-reasonably lightweight frame. Prefer no shock but could live w/ a front shock if it was lightweight and low-maintenance.  Steel would be nice.

-26" wheels (am mildly curious about 29ers but I think they all have disc brakes?)

-reasonable basic inclusion of rack and fender bosses (is that the right word?) Preconfigured with rack/fenders OK but not necessary


I'm sure I forgot something . . . thanks for any pointers. Hoping for something that's available through a LBS I want to support.


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Oops . . . I missed that these are 700c bikes.  Will have to dig a bit deeper into their offerings when I'm on a real computer . . .

700c = 29er   same thing   they come with schwa be 700 x 37 mm tires, a solid commuter size, 


I am seriously looking at one of their higher end sub series, alpine hub, gates belt drive and disc brakes, sounds like a GREAT commuter 

Nope, just orange and orange.  The Ogre will come in a more muted green, and you can also use rim brakes, if you want to make the leap to a 29er, which I would highly recommend for both on and off roading.  The Ogre will probably cost around the same as the Troll, and I'm sure you could get the shop you bought it from to swap out the brakes.  Just my two cents. 

Two Honk Tuesday! said:

Gracias, Mike. Are there past years' models that come in something other than orange?

I like the color but don't care much for flashy colors in a bike that's going to be locked up outside for 9-10 hours a day. I know I could do black tape but really looking for a buy-it-and-ride transaction here.

Mike Haring said:

I would second or third the Surly Troll.  I know Johnny Sprocket's stocks Surly, if they don't have it they could order it. It seems to fit your criteria exactly, you could easily and cheaply swap out the discs if you wanted to. Any bike shop could throw some V-brakes on and you could offset the cost by reselling the calipers and rotors.  That said, it's a bit pricey at about $1300 complete.  I'd get one myself, but I'm going to wait for the 29" Ogre.


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