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Was anyone out riding last night during the heavy winds?

I was southeast-bound on Milwaukee at California at about 9:40pm when the wind almost stopped me completely in my tracks.

Kind of cool, if a little freaky. :)

Post any memorable wind stories in this thread!

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sorta like me yesterday . . .

I have this set as a bookmark for cycling in high wind conditions.

Today's high winds will be totally gone by dawn.

I love this page for the beautiful visualization of wind patterns across the whole country: 

Awesome find Ryan, thanxs!

This is a great resource, thanks! My ride home today will be almost exclusively a tail wind. Almost makes the headwinds this morning worth it. Almost. 

Quite a dance this morning heading North on Loomis. Rolled up to 18th Street red light and the gusts picked up and made the pick up next to me dance. The drivers face was priceless, we both laughed at his dancing truck. Will be heading directly west to Cicero for class in a bit. Soooo Yeah...

Love the link Ryan!

After commuting all winter long, heading straight into the headwind this morning was the most challenging weather of the season.



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