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Anyone near the Chicago area or Evanston going to the Apple Cider Cycling Event next Sunday? I am Looking to car pool with someone. It is the 25th of Sept in Michigan.

Anyone going to the Apple Cider next Sunday?

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I'm in Evanston. I been thinking about it, but need to check with the missus. We have a place south of South Haven, so I was thinking of going up Friday or Saturday.

We are going out the night before as it's an hour later there. Could give u a lift to Porter Indiana and a ride back from the ride.

How far is Porter from Three Oaks ?   Are you riding the full Century ?  I will probably do 50 Miles or 45 miles.  I Live near Western and Pratt.  Would you have room for my road bike ?  I have a Peugeot Mixtie frame.  When would you be leaving ?  Returning to Chicago Sunday evening ?

30mins. Yes we have room if we take the front wheel off. We found a room at comfort inn in Porter.. Doing full century so should come back at 4 or 5.

I am in uptown so easy to meet.

I'm heading out there for the century, hopefully I'll bump into a few of you guys! If you see a short guy with long hair on a fixed-gear, say hello!

that should make it easy to find you among the thousands of riders. :)

Hopefully We actually cross paths this time. NSC was... chaotic.


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