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I need to convert iso files to dmg, I guess my google-fu skills are weak. Anyone know of a program that can do what magic iso does, but for mac os?

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Don't have a mac in front of me, but have you ruled out the possibility that the function is built into Disk Utility?

This thread includes a tip about a terminal command, as well as how to play via DVD player.

Also, FYI, in case all you're trying to do is view a movie-- VLC will play it directly.

Disk Utility, might be something of a "restore" function.

Here are other methods/resources:

It's not for a movie, suppose it's for a certain creativity themed suite downloaded from certain maritime themed torrent site. The files are iso, I need to convert to dmg to use. Hypothetically

Like Howard said, under Applications/Utilities there is an application Disk Utility.  You can import an ISO and output a DMG -- or just mount an ISO directly.  



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