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Towards the end of 40 miles of errands yesterday and lunch with a friend in the city, a guy riding a lovely metallic lavender 3Rensho kerin bike (rear track ends, thin, undrilled brake bridge), passed me as I was approaching Addision on Clark (northbound). I thought about saying something, but I was so surprised to see such a nice bike out in the urban jungle, all I could do was stare at it and wonder why he'd expose such a nice bike to the rigors of city life. I hesitated and was lost when the light changed.  I was a bit tired anyway, and he was younger and faster than me.

I thought it was set up a bit oddly for a bike with such a pedigree.  He was sporting riser bars, a wire basket up front, and flat BMX-style pedals with power straps.  What look I did get of it, it sure looked like a 3Rensho (or a very convincing fake).  It had "3Rensho" on the seat stay caps, and all the proper decals.  The decals could be faked, but as the name was cast into the seat stay caps, that would have taken some effort.

It was approximately this color, but had seat stay caps like this I think.  Anybody know this bike?



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I don't think it's necessarily a fake, but a 3Rensho Keirin frame alone goes for more than $1000 on Ebay.

Late in the 80s Turin had a lot of those. More than you would imagine could be available. There were a couple of salesmen there who pushed them hard to buyers who had no idea what they were getting. Sits in garage/basement 25 years, given to kid who has less idea what it is. Lavender was a frequently used color.

If you see it again try to buy it. No Rensho should be abused with BMX pedals and a basket.

Pretty sure whoever rides that 3remsho knows exactly what it is.

That was Michael of Humble Frameworks. Also note worthy is the eighty year old coaster brake hub.

Bailey Gene Newbrey said:

That was Michael of Humble Frameworks. Also note worthy is the eighty year old coaster brake hub.

Thanks.  I was pretty sure the rear hub looked a bit odd, and it looked like he coasted a bit, but I wasn't sure.

Geez.. I saw one at a garage sale on the NW side a few months back for $50.   I had never heard of it so I didn't even look at it carefully...

Hi, I'd just like to point out that the bars are swept back - not risers - and that the pedals have hold fast straps - not power straps.  I feel like these are pretty important distinctions 'cause god knows I agree that power straps and risers equate to abuse.

Thanks for the response. In my defense, I was looking from behind. Might I be able to come see it up close and personal sometime?

I think you guys are looking for the 'Missed Connections' or perhaps 'B4B' (Bikes for Bikes) sections of this site: 

You: Hot lavender NJS Keiren 3Rensho in uncharacteristic gruppo

Me: Vintage steel, mid 80s Italian, Campy, pantos all over

I'll come right out and say it: want to get our chains lubed together sometime?


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