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So yeah, all of my siblings play an instrument. My brother plays guitar, one of my sisters plays the trumpet and the other plays clarinet. I, on the other hand, have no skills or talent of any kind. I've been thinking that it would be awesome to learn maybe piano or violin, but I'm thinking that I am too old to pick up any musical talent.


Here is my question, am I crazy to think I can learn at 33? Is this something that is harder the older you get? Any musicians out there have any tips or advice?

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I play drums.  Bad thing about that is not too easy to lug along a drum kit to a camping trip or things of that sort so guitar would be fun.  Drums are much easier to learn in a hurry compared to guitar in my opinion.  Never too late to start.

Now that the urchins are out of the house I started harmonica lessons at the Old Town this year at 53.  Its never too late to start. There are players and novices of all ages. Its a very welcoming atmosphere.

Best way to learn is by playing with people. Sure, gets some basics down and go for it.

Thanks for the suggestions and for the encouragement guys! I will definitely look into taking some lessons. Maybe I'll keep it quiet and surprise my siblings one day like "what, you never knew I can play too?" Hopefully I can find a good fit and stick with it, it would really be rewarding to learn a totally new skill like that.

It is never too late to learn anything!  That's the great thing about life in general, it is never too late to do anything you want (legally).  :)

I play the alto sax, I learned in high school, and currently learning how to play acoustic guitar.  I'm also taking classes to learn sign language.



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