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Anyone have any photos from the FBC (Full Moon Fiasco) Ride on 11-11-11?

Rob & I thank everyone who attended that night for such a great time, and were wondering if anyone has any other photos of the night (Joe Springer posted a few- and a nice shout out to him & Rabbits Bar). We met a nice couple from Chainlink that gave us a blank SD card for our camera, as well as took a bunch of nice photos of us and would love to see the photos they took. We wish that we could remember your names but we know you are out there :)  Drop us a line or if possible, post them, as we are back from our honeymoon and would love to see all the mementos of that night! And thanks for the awesome spoke card, too!

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album posted on my profile.

Thanks Nik!

I am the guy that gave you guys the SD Card. I will send you the pics soon. I promise. Glad you guys enjoyed the night.



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