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I only ask because as I stood up, collected myself and click-clacked across the ice to the high-side of the path to do a damage assessment, there were three other cyclists there doing the same thing.

I have to rate the Oak Street Corner Ice Capades as one of my favorite crash sites. I'd be hypocritical if I didn't, since I've gone back to enjoy two additional crashes after my first in 2003. It's simply sublime... it draws you in with the promise of safe passage, but then... as you round the corner... the suspense builds.... and SURPRISE! You are suddenly greeted with a radiant sheet of pristine glazed ice extending from the retaining wall straight into glorious Lake Michigan! Surely, it is the potential for sliding into a frozen, watery grave that gives this particular crash its high sense of drama and keeps me coming back for more. Five stars!

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EJ said:
Ethans says: " WALK your bike!"

Or, if black ice is present (or may be present cos you can't really see it), use our awesome transit system.
Wouldn't it be nice if that curve was actually built up so the water wasn't able to just roll up over the side and deposit the micro-sheen of icy death? I used to live in Streeterville and is was perilous even for joggers. I once came within about a foot of the edge after handplanting during a late night January jog.
Eric maybe this instead...could also come in handy oh say Downer's turn 7 in the rain:
motorcycle airbag coat
Oh no there is definitely waves that come to that point and over. I've been on there several times with inches of water to peddle through on the HIGH part near the wall. Crazy!

Chi Tour de Cure said:
I get confused, because I never see waves hit that high on the corner. I wonder, is it actually runoff from Lakeshore Drive that creates the ice sheet? Anyone?

evanK said:
They can't even keep that stretch paved smoothly! Maybe the easiest, quickest solution would be to install those cement construction barricades along the edge so the waves have a harder time reaching all the way up the slope. It would keep crashers out of the lake, at least, too.



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