Are the Marauders and other like minded cyclists meeting up before the Mcdonalds Midnight L.A.T.E Ride somewhere? Anyone planning on crashing the ride in large numbers?

I don't see anyone discussing this happening online or in person. And for some reason I ain't on the MM list serve, I should probably get on that.


Two years ago the L.A.T.E Ride audit was super bad ass fun. It was certainly one of the more memorable midnight rides in recent memory.


If you're joining us, please, RSVP and invite your friends on Facebook [ ] or the Chainlink [ ]!


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Spencer, I hope you didn't mean that in the pejorative sense.

Actually, when I lived in the city, the label didn't fit, nor does it fit now.

Best wishes for the 'audit group'.

Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer! said:

Wish I could take back the yuppies don't publish their route comment now! Thanks DON!

"I hope you didn't mean that in the pejorative sense."

Nah it's all tongue and cheek. Including my retraction. This is just a fun ride. People seem to be taking it too seriously.

Don, where abouts are ya now?

O, where are you located?

It's a pity this isn't the case.

O said:

But as for your reply it leaves me speechless.

I'm a cool hipster.

I'm a pejorative hipster.  And I live in a drawer. 

... sure you are not a Japanese Business Man?

Joe Schmoe said:

I'm a pejorative hipster.  And I live in a drawer. 

Ha ha. I forgot about that. Yeah I totally just wore underwear last time. I have gotten out of shape since 2010. Wont be in only my undies this time. Maybe I'll be a pirate. EVERYONE IS ENCOURAGED TO DRESS UP LIKE AN ASSHOLE SO I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE!

Spencer i have some good pictures of you and me dancing at that late ride.... You of course in your pink panties

I'd be interested in finding out what this is for fundraising and what it does for what, since that's apparently what us rude hipster anarchists are wrecking by speaking dismissively of the beneficence of affluent suburbanites who bless us with their cycling a few times a year and justifies a cost of admission half that of a Disneyworld ticket.

Those Darned Hipsters also do some corporate-sponsored fundraising through Tour de Fat, but the difference is that admission is free, they're up-front about where the funds go, and at the end of the event they announce how much they raised and hand it over.


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