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We're doing the ride on tandem and we're getting ready for it. Seems like a lot of fun from the website and you tube videos plus its New belgium. They know how to party..

Just wondering if anyone has any idea how many people will be participating

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too pricey for me!
120$ for a scavenger hunt through some of the thickest traffic areas in the city... yeah...
Yes, it's pricey, but whatever... so is everything, plus it's for charity...

Looks fun, haven't done it before, but after the fantasticness that was Tour de Fat I'm up for anything New Belgium wants to throw at me... including bike jousting. YES.
It is pricey ... so I am volunteering. I also did in 2008 - can you say lots of cool free schwag and great beer ?

I agree with Ryan - WTB is a great cause.

I'm in! And I got a good lookin' teammate!

WTB still needed volunteers when I was there on Monday night, so I'd say call them up. Don't miss the fun for lack of funds.
Maybe someone should've posted a thread back when it was $60 per team.
As a new member of the Chicago biking community, after my first mass a couple of weeks ago, I have become slightly intoxicated with all the cool events around town - Last Bike Pub Crawl of the Summer, the Tweed Ride, UAR!! Really excited to participate, looks like a great way to explore the city, meet new folks, and spend a Fall Sunday. It is pricey but I figure I'll sacrifice a dinner out or a new pair of jeans along the way to make up for it....

Mac 'n Cheese Productions >> for all your video and making new connections needs
this event is worth every cent, seriously!
This is an West Town Bikes fundrasier. They're a N.F.P. ...

S. Campbell said:
120$ for a scavenger hunt through some of the thickest traffic areas in the city... yeah...
Anyone have any ideas what this means?
Green Door Tavern is my guess. BTW, I've offered to volunteer the day of so best wishes to all the participants. If my guess is correct, you can buy me a free beer at the end. LOL
I needa find a partner- sounds like fun though


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