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Anybody with a nice video camera want to help out a bike design startup on Saturday?

Hey all!  You've possibly already seen me gush about the Occam Cycle.

This Saturday from 11am to 1pm the guys are going to be doing demo rides near the Adler Planetarium.  I was talking to one of them about whether they were planning to get some new footage to upload online (always a useful thing to do with Kickstarter campaigns, I feel), to further demonstrate how easy it is for newbies to ride, but he said that they don't have the equipment or the budget for it.

If anyone with a nice video camera feels like showing up and donating some of their time to get some footage of the Occam in action, I'm sure it would be appreciated :)  I'll put you in touch with the inventors to make sure it's something that they actually want (it seemed like it was).  If it all goes splendidly, you might even be able to make some sort of deal, like an at-cost bike if the Kickstarter succeeds (I'm not directly involved, I'm just a huge supporter because they are my friends, so no promises).

So, anyone up for it?  It's a long shot, but I figured I'd try!

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